National League East…… is Horrible

Why are they so bad? One team in the National East is over .500 is not a good stat. The second place team is the Braves with a .444 recored. Weakest division in MLB, First off who would of that thought the Nationals would be so bad this season. With a 2-7 recored, looks like they are continuing the 2nd half of last season performence.


3 Responses to “National League East…… is Horrible”

  1. Alan Says:

    What about the west. the east has a very good team with four other wildcard teams. the best in the west is 6 over. God!! What are you talking about. What about the AL west. they have easily the worst division. The east has the mets. If you take away the braves june. they would only be 3 games back. they are closer to the NL wildcard than the Yankees are in the AL. It’s weird, but the NL has some really bad teams.

  2. Ian Says:

    AL Central is the weakest division . The two top teams only had records with 80-87 wins and only three teams have a .500 record

  3. josh babbot Says:

    Dude babey ruth killed that shit last night. ALL STAR! east coast mid blowin champ. Hit dem braves a ton of home runs.Ian youre fucking stupid.

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