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Whats wrong with the Cabrera

April 13, 2006

Cabrera of the Orioles what is wrong with him? First game of the season he pitched this he had seven walks in 1 1/3 innings which is a franchise recorded. Wednesday's game against the Devil Rays in Tampa he had nine walks…what is wrong with him? Maybe he should of gotten some help and pitched a few more games during the preseason. One of the best pitching coaches on your side and that is how you pitch. This kid needs some help or major warming up before games.


National League East…… is Horrible

April 13, 2006

Why are they so bad? One team in the National East is over .500 is not a good stat. The second place team is the Braves with a .444 recored. Weakest division in MLB, First off who would of that thought the Nationals would be so bad this season. With a 2-7 recored, looks like they are continuing the 2nd half of last season performence.